[BEEPbuilders] Proposal for Getting Started

Gabe Wachob gwachob@wiredobjects.com
Tue, 22 Oct 2002 09:28:48 -0700 (PDT)

Greeting fellow beepniks.

Here's my proposal to get us bootstrapped and going for interoperability

First, I propose setting up a sourceforge project (or something similar)
with a web presence and a cvs repository. The web site will host general
information and a document(s) showing the result of interoperability
tests. I'm thinking something very similar, with a table for each "test"
and a table of implementations along each axis where each square
contains the results of the conformance test (passed/failed/other). I'll
volunteer to maintain this document.

Second, I propose everything be kept in CVS: test definitions (just text
files probably), the results table document, and source code used to
implement each test for each beep library implementation. Obviously,
nobody can be forced to submit their interoperability testing code, but
it aids the process greatly.

Third, I propose the following CVS structure:

/testX (contains formalish definition of testX)
/testX/impl1/ (contains README and source code for testX)
/testY/impl1/ (contains README and source code for testY)

and so on.

The idea here, of course, is that someone who is coming along and would
like to run the tests themselves has an easy way to get the current
version of the tests, test definitions, and test results. A secondary
benefit is that these code snippets should provide simple examples of how
each beep library works - examples which are semantically equivalent and
therefore are good for comparing libraries from a app developer's POV.


If I don't hear objections, I'll start the sf registration process in the
next day or two. I'd like to use SF because this will allow multiple
people to maintain the tests, code, and results. (I'm thinking the beep
library authors here). If someone else thinks there is a better place to
host, plz speak up. (We can point interop.beepcore.org to the sf web page
if we want).


Gabe Wachob                          gwachob@wiredobjects.com
Founder/Principal Consultant      http://www.wiredobjects.com