[BEEPbuilders] unable to start TLS in beepcore-java

Joel Thornton joelt at novell.com
Thu Aug 5 12:00:38 PDT 2004

can anyone help me out with using the Java TLSProfile code?  I am
trying to get my CAP server working with TLS and I allways get the same
error from within startTLS method.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< my code >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
     session = TCPSessionCreator.initiate(host, port, new
     session = TLSProfile.getDefaultInstance().startTLS((TCPSession)

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< error>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

ERROR jsse.TLSProfileJSSE - Invalid reply:
   Error receiving <proceed />
Ethereal shows that my server is sending the correct reply. But
ch.getStartData is returning "\r\t".  I don't think the data is ever
being read. 


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