[BXXPwg] trouble with pending requests

JohnnyXia@acersoftech.com.cn JohnnyXia@acersoftech.com.cn
Fri, 4 Aug 2000 09:50:01 +0800

>  After thinking a bit about the discussion in the WG meeting today and
>speaking with some people, I believe that response frame headers must
>contain the channel number.  This is why:

>1) Current implementations must use the serial number of the pending
>request to pass a response frame to the proper channel.  So in other
>words, a data structure mapping serial numbers of pending requests to
>their proper channels is needed.  This is just a silly thing to do when
>the channel number could simply be passed in the frame header as it is
>with responses, simplifying things a bit and having the added bonus of
>avoiding problem #2.
The ways handling request and response should be different. Generally a
is sent in a user thread, and it will wait for the response in this user
so the response should be notified to this user thread. While a request is
handled in a channel thread. In my implementation, if the application does
the response, it will pass a Event Handle or a Callback function. and I
save it in a struct corresponding to the pending request. When the response
this pending request arrives, the Event is signaled or a thread is assigned
the Callback function is called. No mapping to the channel is needed.

Johnny Xia.

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