[BXXPwg] default Content-Type in profile, or not

jacques.belissent@sun.com jacques.belissent@sun.com
Fri, 04 Aug 2000 08:47:21 -0700

The question was raised in the WG meeting as to whether to allow a
non text/xml content-type header to be omitted from a BXXP message
provided that it is defined in the profile.  Currently the Content-type
header can only be omitted if it is text/xml.  I don't think consensus
was reached on this one.  Sorry for not waiting for the minutes.

Is there a chance that BXXP, if successful, outlive XML, or the current 
version of XML?  If yes, we might one day regret to have given it the 
"favored nation status".

I'm sympathetic to the debugging ease argument for including content
type headers in all frames, in an open environment where multiple content-types
are exchanged.  However, this may not be the only type of environment
in which BXXP is or will be used.  So I think it would be really nice if
environments that can be manageable without requiring that the Content-type
header be included in each message be allowed by the protocol to omit it.
Especially if messages are lightweight messages.