[BXXPwg] Some recommendations regarding BXXP

magdolna.gerendai@nokia.com magdolna.gerendai@nokia.com
Thu, 10 Aug 2000 16:12:14 +0300

Hi all,

Please consider the following recommendations:

The serial number identifies the REQ/RSP pairs unambiguously, and there is a
possibility to "abort" a REQ, but only during the REQ transmission. In a lot
of cases the REQ is be short, and even the RSPs are needed to be aborted.  

1.) An ABORT command could clearly close a REQ/RSP pair.

2.) I don't understand, why the pipelining behaviour is, the requests and
responses could come out of order ( the fragments as well). The serial
number, (the channel number) and seqno unambiguously identifies  , which REQ
or RSP the fragment belongs to. This gives the possibility of the real
asynchronous transactions. In some use cases this may have importance.

3.) At the end of the protocol description is mentioned already, that the
channel close functionality was requested. I agree with it.

Magdolna Gerendai