[BXXPwg] Draft Minutes of last week's meeting

Darren New dnew@san.rr.com
Thu, 10 Aug 2000 08:06:33 -0700

Greg Hudson wrote:
> What happens in the current spec if a sender is optimistic about
> channel creation, and just blasts out the first few requests (up to
> the minimum 4K window) after sending the channel creation requests on
> channel 0?

This would assume inter-channel synchronization, i.e., that the channel 0
request will be processed before the channel N requests are examined. I
don't think that's consistant with BXXP semantics.

> Perhaps the spec could be amended to say that request frames are
> silently discarded if they refer to non-open channels, 

That would seem to make it very hard to tell whether your requests have
worked or not, particularly if only *some* of your first few requests get

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