[BXXPwg] proposal for 1:N interactions

Huston Franklin HUSTON@novell.com
Tue, 29 Aug 2000 22:59:02 -0600

>>> james  woodyatt <jhw@wetware.com> 08/29/00 03:26PM >>>
>>This is nice if a session aborts so that it is know if the MSG was processed.

>Okay... but if it is "nice to know" that the MSG was processed, is it 
>still a 1:0 interaction at that point?

Thanks for the correction, I meant 'delivered' not 'processed'.

>    + A peer sending a message may be uninterested in whether the 
>message is ever received by the other peer or discarded by the 
>transport or the network.

If a peer didn't care if the message was even delivered UDP might be a better choice since BXXP guarantees the delivery of the messages (see 2.5.2).