[BXXPwg] MIME header is gone

Wolfgang Hoschek wolfgang.hoschek@cern.ch
Mon, 04 Dec 2000 22:14:33 +0100

> > In draft 08, the message syntax seems underspecified wrt. where MIME
> > headers (Content-Type, Content-Transfer-Encoding, etc.) belong. The
> > auestion arises: Are MIME headers
> >
> > a) part of a message,
> > b) part of a frame header, or
> > c) part of a frame payload?
> the working group changed it from b to c.
> > in case c) holds:
> > Say, an app transports gifs and/or videos, and/or xml descriptions in
> > the payload. How does a beep user application detect content type and
> > encoding?
> start looking in the first frame of a message. if the first two characters
> are CR LF, then the message is implicitly tagged as
> application/octet-stream. otherwise, you will find MIME's entity-headers at
> the beginning of the message.
> look at section 2.2 starting at the top of page 7.

From this I gather...
In the first frame payload of a message:
	Entity-headers have to be present or else the payload starts with CR
	Application/octet-stream payloads omitting entity-headers MUST start
with CR LF, followed by the "real" payload.

Subsequent frame payloads of the same message:
	MUST NOT have entity headers

Or in other words...

for the first frame of message:
	payload = (entityheaders / CR LF) realpayload

and for subsequent frames of the same message:
	payload = realpayload

Correct interpretation?