[BXXPwg] SUMMARY: Why to use DIGEST-MD5 in syslog-reliable

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Sat, 16 Dec 2000 07:45:44 -0800

err, could we please remove the BEEP mailing list from future traffic on
this thread?

BEEP doesn't care which SASL mechanism you use, it makes them all available;
obviously SYSLOG does care, so it can be discussed on that mailing list.


ps: helpful hint -- do not reply to this message.

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> > I'll try to summarize why DIGEST-MD5 was chosen as mandatory to
> > implement by several protocols.
> This may be completely out of context; if so, I apologize.
> There are security issues with MD5, such that the IETF security WG wants
> SHA-1, and MD-5 deprecated.  Unless there is a substantial installed base,
> would probably be better to write a quick RFC that says "use XXX but
> MD5 with SHA-1" and use that as the mandatory mechanism.
> /r$
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