[BXXPwg] multiple ANS interleaving...

Darren New dnew@san.rr.com
Thu, 21 Dec 2000 16:52:21 -0800

Joe Touch wrote:
> The suggestion was that multiple ANSs could be
> interleaved (from different MSGs), thus interleaving
> audio and video components and synchronizing the
> playout of a file.

Actually, my comment was that different frames of different ANSs in answer
to the same MSG could be interleaved. However, that wasn't really the thrust
of the discussion.

> That being the case, there appears to be no way
> to synchronize playout using ANS. One could use
> MSG/RPY pairs alternating audio and video on
> a single channel, though, but not multiple ANSs.

Frame 1 of ANS 1 to MSG 1  <- first audio chunk
Frame 1 of ANS 2 to MSG 1  <- first video chunk
Frame 2 of ANS 1 to MSG 1  <- second audio chunk
Frame 2 of ANS 2 to MSG 1  <- second video chunk
Frame 3 of ANS 1 to MSG 1  <- third audio chunk
Frame 4 of ANS 2 to MSG 1  <- third video chunk

You can interleave *frames* from different ANSs in response to a single MSG.

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