[BXXPwg] multiple ANS interleaving...

Darren New dnew@san.rr.com
Fri, 22 Dec 2000 09:43:26 -0800

Joe Touch wrote:
> > You can interleave *frames* from different ANSs in response to a single MSG.
> Frame interleaving depends on the muxing underneath (the mapping).
> Since the protocol (beep-framework) doesn't specify a mapping,
> you can't assume a particular property of the mapping.

On the other hand, neither of the mappings defined so far carry one channel
on multiple underlying connections. Since messages must arrive in the order
they were sent for a particular channel, it would certainly seem like you
could rely on frame interleaving even if the underlying connection did
deliver things out of order, since the BEEP layer would be required to put
them back in the right order before giving them to the profile.

> I'm still confused by the above in either case, though.
> It interleaves ANS1 and ANS2 frames - it seems like
> the ANS must come in order, just as the MSGs did.

See page 10 and 11.

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