[BXXPwg] multiple ANS interleaving...

Joe Touch touch@ISI.EDU
Fri, 22 Dec 2000 09:59:04 -0800

Darren New wrote:
> Joe Touch wrote:
> > > You can interleave *frames* from different ANSs in response to a single MSG.
> >
> > Frame interleaving depends on the muxing underneath (the mapping).
> > Since the protocol (beep-framework) doesn't specify a mapping,
> > you can't assume a particular property of the mapping.
> On the other hand, neither of the mappings defined so far carry one channel
> on multiple underlying connections. 

I'm not sure that would ever make sense. Since the semantics of
a single channel are sequential, there's nothing to be gained.
(I now see what you're doing, though - multiple ANSs to a single MSG,
while the example you gave at the IETF appeared to indicate
multiple MSGs).