[BXXPwg] multiple ANS interleaving...

Joe Touch touch@ISI.EDU
Tue, 26 Dec 2000 09:20:02 -0800

"Marshall T. Rose" wrote:
> > Here is the cause of my confusion, for clarification:
> >
> > a- sec different ANS to one MSG can be interleaved
> >
> > b- sec 2.6.1: replies are generated in order
> >
> > c- sec 2.1.1: a sequence of ANS, terminated by NUL, is a reply
> >
> > These statements are inconsistent; b+c => !a
> >
> > or at the least, confusing... :-)
> hi. my reading is this, in a one-to-many exchange, a reply consists of zero
> or more ANS followed by a NUL.
> when processing a MSG for a one-to-many exchange, you can interleave the ANS
> messages generated, but can not start processing the next received MSG on
> that channel until you generate the NUL message signifying the end of the
> reply.
> is this more clear?

This would mean that it is the set of ANSs together that is
the reply to a MSG, not any single ANS.

(i.e., that sec 2.1.1 needs to be modified to say the
set of ANSs, possibly interleaved, rather than a sequence 
[which implies strict ordering].)