Kurt D. Zeilenga Kurt@OpenLDAP.org
Thu, 06 Jul 2000 07:34:35 -0700


I think it would be interesting to look adding an ASN.1
protocol such as LDAP to section 3.7. (though you might
have to use a different adjective than "main" to include it).

Mechanism               LDAP
Framing         octet counting
Encoding                DER
Error Reporting enumerated with implicit classification
Multiplexing            by extension
Authentication          anon+user/pass+SASL(w/ restrictions)
Transport Security      TLS

Other:          Uses "partial responses" such as
                        searchEntry, searchReference, and
                        extendedPartialResponse (extension)
                        Uses "unsolicited responses"
                          such as Notice of Disconnect
                        Uses "requests with no responses"
                          such as Abandon and Unbind
                        Ordering not strictly first-in/first-out
                          Requests are processed asynchronous
                          Responses of unrelated operations may be
                          intermixed.  (this may be viewed as a
                          from of multiplexing)
                        LDAP is an extensible protocol (new elements
                          can be added to existing sequences, "controls"
                          can alter semantics of existing operations,
                          new operations can be added).

Also, it would be interesting to consider the how SMTP's ETRN
would mapped onto BXXP.  LDAP will likely be extended to have
a similar operation to support client-initiated/server-pushed

I'll see if I can find some time to examine mapping of
LDAP onto BXXP in detail.  I believe this would be worthwhile
exercise to help flush out BXXP.  As you can see from the above,
LDAP is quite different from the other application protocols
you have listed.