[BXXPwg] Mime headers

Graham Klyne GK@dial.pipex.com
Wed, 19 Jul 2000 14:15:44 +0100

At 10:20 AM 7/17/00 -0700, Marshall Rose wrote:
>i don't think so. i think you can send mime headers only on the first
>segment of a message. it doesn't make sense to have them anywhere else. we
>should probably add a consistency check rule for that.

Eh?  Unless I'm missing something, the "consistency rule" is a valid MIME 
object.  It seems to me quite legitimate (though probably unnecessary) to 
have MIME headers overflow the first segment.

I would expect the concatenation of segment data to be treated as a single 
MIME object, and analyzed accordingly.  (This raises the interesting point 
that the default text/xml MIME type should not be assumed until the first 
blank line after the MIME headers has been seen.


Graham Klyne