[Fwd: Re: [BXXPwg] default charset]

Greg Hudson ghudson@MIT.EDU
Thu, 20 Jul 2000 15:55:00 -0400

Here is my reading.

>         1. what is the default charset for xml in beep?

RFC 2376 (informational) section 3.1 says:

	Although listed as an optional parameter, the use of the
	charset parameter is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED, since this
	information can be used by XML processors to determine
	authoritatively the character encoding of the XML entity.

It goes on to say that the default charset is UTF-8 (which matches the
W3 recommendation), but given that text, it may be adviseable to edit
section to say:

	   o  the default "Content-Type" is
	      "text/xml; charset=UTF-8"; and,

to satisfy the recommendation and avoid any possible confusion.

> 2. is the beep implementation supposed to support only default or
> any other character sets?

W3 REC-xml section 4.3.3 mandates:

	All XML processors must be able to read entities in either
	UTF-8 or UTF-16.

Unless BXXP overrides this, one would think UTF-16 must be supported
by a beep implementation.  Possibly pertaining to this is Marshall's
statement in

	channel 0 requires the use of the default values.

but from context I think he just meant that channel 0 requires the use
of text/xml, not a particular choice of parameters (the current draft
doesn't certainly doesn't say you have to use the default parameters
for text/xml, by my reading).  At any rate, even if the MIME content
type is fixed on channel 0, a "<?XML encoding='UTF-16'?>" at the head
of a channel 0 message would force the beep implementation to start
reading UTF-16.

> 3. in case the default is overridden, do we need a doctype
> declaration?

No clue here.