[Fwd: Re: [BXXPwg] default charset]

Graham Klyne GK@dial.pipex.com
Fri, 21 Jul 2000 10:55:15 +0100

At 12:40 AM 7/21/00 +0530, Sarveshwar Rao Duddu wrote:
> >     b) xml
>         yes, i wanted to know this. specifically:
>         1. what is the default charset for xml in beep?
>         (that is, what should beep implementation report to application
>for charset parameter).
>         2. is the beep implementation supposed to support only default
>or any other character sets?
>         3. in case the default is overridden, do we need a doctype

FWIW, the XML spec says that XML processors must support UTF-8 and UTF-16 
in both little-endian and big-endian forms.  In the case of UTF-16, the 
first character of the file (but not part of the XML document) should be a 
"zero width non-breaking space" (xFEFF), which acts as a sentinel.  (XML 
spec 2.2 and 4.3.3.)

I'm not sure if this is intended to apply to BXXP default payloads.


Graham Klyne