[BXXPwg] Whither serial and seqno?

JohnnyXia@acersoftech.com.cn JohnnyXia@acersoftech.com.cn
Mon, 24 Jul 2000 13:52:29 +0800

>> At any point of time, multiple requests can be running on a single
>> or multiple channels.  So there should be some way for the sender to
>> associate the frame he is sending with a request. So we have the
>> serial number.

>This is simply incorrect.  Within a channel, responses must come in
>the same order as requests do.  So, as with, say, pipelined SMTP, no
>serial number is needed to associate requests with responses.

If you read the spec carefully, you will find that there is no channel
in the RSP message. That is to say, the ID of RSP message must be unique
among channels.

It sounds odd. I have the same question why a serial is needed. A message
can be
identified uniquely by a channel number and a seqno combination. Assign a
uniquely among channels is inefficient at implementation. The SpaceKit for
Jave uses an array to
record which serial is used, which is not used. When a serial is needed, it
search the total array.

Johnny Xia.
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