[BXXPwg] Change Roles

Sarveshwar Rao Duddu duddu@vsnl.com
Mon, 24 Jul 2000 13:38:14 +0530

JohnnyXia@acersoftech.com.cn wrote:

> The section "2.1 Roles" says:
>    Typically, a BXXP peer acting in the server role is also acting in a
>    listening role. However, because BXXP is peer-to-peer in nature, no
>    such requirement exists.
> My question is that: after a channel is created, usually the channel
> initiator
> acts in a client role. During the data exchange in this channel, is it
> possible
> to exchange their roles? The spec. seems not define this clearly.

The point is that after the connection is established, beep
allows two way request-responses - that is, any peer can
send requests, not necessarily the peer which initiated the
connection. So, the peer which initiated the connection
(which generally till now happens to be a client, like
and email client or a browser) may take up requests from
the other peer and server them.