[BXXPwg] Whither serial and seqno?

Fisher Mark fisherm@tce.com
Mon, 24 Jul 2000 12:28:24 -0500

Steve Harris writes:
> I understand that BXXP is no longer described
> as being bound to TCP, so maybe the other protocols it would sit atop
> can suffer such a frame loss.

SMTP, to be specific.  I've been working on-and-off on some kind of
lightweight event notification protocol, which for reasonable flexibility
should be able to be carried over both TCP and SMTP.  BXXP would be a great
foundation for that work, so I'd like to see the serial and seqno stay in.

Plus, it sometimes seems that "a higher-level protocol isn't complete until
it can be sent over email" (to paraphrase the Unix saying :).
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