[BXXPwg] issues list for pittsburgh meeting

Dave Crocker dcrocker@brandenburg.com
Tue, 25 Jul 2000 15:42:22 -0700

At 03:36 PM 7/25/00 -0700, Marshall Rose wrote:
>i think this is a pretty cool idea. it shouldn't add any extra complexity
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>From: Greg Hudson <ghudson@mit.edu>
> > If we're going to let a profile specify the default character set, can
> > we let it define the default MIME type as well?  (Or instead, since
> > the default MIME type could be "text/xml; charset=UTF-16" or
> > whatever.)  That could reduce the overhead for some non-XML-using
> > profiles.

Just to raise a counterpoint for consideration:

         I've come to mistrust defaults, especially "type" defaults.  There 
is a long-term tendency for one environment or another to change the 
default and their data gets out, unlabeled.

         One might, of course, just dismiss this as 
non-conformance.  That's what the email world has done.  It is not seem a 
productive response.

         The overhead of ALWAYS including the type information is 
tiny.  The extra bit of robustness is significant.

         If you are going to have defaults, then yes, make them per 
profile.  Better is not to have them.


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