[BXXPwg] Re: WG Review: Blocks eXtensible eXchange Protocol (bxxpwg)

Kurt D. Zeilenga Kurt@OpenLDAP.org
Mon, 19 Jun 2000 10:47:53 -0700

I am generally supportive of this proposed working group
being approved.  I suggest, however, that the charter be
amended to explicitly require that the resulting framework
support strong authentication and security services.  The
current charter implies such are required per the blocks
reference.  However, given that the blocks I-D will likely
expire long before this working group submits an I-D for
IESG review (in fact 03 no longer exists in the repository
due to subsequent revision), such key requirements such
as this should be made explicit.

At 01:03 PM 6/19/00 -0400, The IESG wrote:
>A new IETF working group has been proposed in the Applications Area.
>The IESG has not made any determination as yet. 
>The following Description was submitted, and is provided for
>informational purposes only:
>Blocks eXtensible eXchange Protocol (bxxpwg)
> Mailing Lists: 
>     General Discussion:bxxpwg@invisible.net
>     To Subscribe:      bxxpwg-request@invisible.net
>     Archive:           http://lists.invisible.net/pipermail/bxxpwg/
>Description of Working Group:
>The IETF BXXP working group shall develop a standards-track application
>protocol framework for connection-oriented, asynchronous 
>request/response interactions.
>The framework must permit multiplexing of independent request/response
>streams over a single transport conneciton, supporting both textual and
>binary messages.
>The working group shall use BXXP (as described in
>draft-mrose-blocks-protocol-03) as its starting point. The working group
>is authorized to make incompatible changes to BXXP providing that it
>document solid technical reasons for doing so.