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Carl Malamud wrote a very nice white paper (available at
http://www.invisible.net/technology/protocol_suites.html) that describes the
relationship between SOAP and BEEP at a high level.

An extreme simplification of Carl's white paper is that BEEP and HTTP are
both application protocols layered on top of a transport protocol (TCP/IP).
Both BEEP and HTTP payloads are MIME entities. If you ignore for
simplicity's sake the mismatch between loose and tight coupling, you can
imagine that BEEP could work its multiplexing magic with SOAP messages just
as easily as with SEP messages. 

A little farther down the path is the possibility of an HTTP to BXXP
gateway, which would enable the movement of SOAP messages through the
current crop of web servers and browsers into the next generation of
BEEP-powered XML services. This means BEEP could enable SOAP applications to
"scale up." 

............ kris

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