[BXXPwg] UML Diagrams for PyBXXP

Gabe Wachob gwachob@wachob.com
Sat, 11 Nov 2000 13:44:37 -0500

Someone was asking about some documentation for the various bxxp
implementations. I have started putting together some UML diagrams for the
PyBXXP projet. I am doing this in DIA, an open source digramming tool that
uses the GTK graphics library (see
http://freshmeat.net/projects/dia/homepage/ ) - there is a build for win32.

Anyhoo, I converted the digram to GIF and have checked both the Dia file
and an exported gif into the cvs codeline for the PyBXXP project (see
http://www.bxxp.org/bxxp/projectPage.jsp?prID=5 ). For ease of discussion,
I've also posted my current version (which is not complete yet, but nontheless
very useful) at http://www.wachob.com/bxxp_classes.gif

Is this helpful to folks?