[BXXPwg] Implementations of *Current* spec

Gabe Wachob gwachob@wachob.com
Tue, 14 Nov 2000 05:12:34 -0500

I just got to the point where I can create channels (i.e. start and profile
messages) and associate profiles with them. I've written my first profile 
which is essentially just an "echo" profile (echoes back the messages passed 
to it). 

Yeehaw. I only wish I had a package I could do interoperability testing


On Tue, Nov 14, 2000 at 12:59:17AM -0500, Gabe Wachob wrote:
> Hi folks-
> 	I'm to the point of trying to do some very basic interoperability
> testing, and I'm realizing that the java and perl spacekits seem to be
> based on -04 or previous specs. (ie, the old message types, and the old
> semantics about message types).
> 	Are there plans to get the I-W produced software up to the current
> specs? I'd really like to be able to demonstrate interoperability between
> implementations from different organizations ;-O
> 	-Gabe
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