[BXXPwg] Flow control is channel-based or session-based?

JohnnyXia@acersoftech.com.cn JohnnyXia@acersoftech.com.cn
Mon, 20 Nov 2000 13:11:25 +0800


>> As Steven said, flow control is helping to manage buffer, the question
>> could be that buffer management is channel-based or session-based?

>i don't think your question makes sense.flow control is about managing the
>resources available on a session. the session is composed of one or more
>channels. so, the channels compete for resources and the SEQ frame is used
>for that purpose.


The following is my design for flow control:

a) Each channel has its own buffer.
b) When ever the session receives a frame from transport layer, it will
pass the
   frame to the specified channel, and save it to the channel's buffer.
c) When the channel's buffer changes it should send a flow control message
to the peer.

d) When the application wants to send data, it will first be saved in the
channel's buffer,
   and if the peer's channel has enough space, the channel tries to capture
the session,
   asks the session to send the data.

In this design I put the buffer in the channel, so that if one channel is
slow in processing data,
it won't slow the whole session.

Any comments?

Johnny Xia.

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