[BXXPwg] PyBXXP <-> Java Spacekit success!

Dan Kohn dan@dankohn.com
Tue, 21 Nov 2000 00:32:07 -0800

Put a hold on that IESG last call...  You're clearly ready to go right
to draft standard.

		- dan

P.S.  Well maybe not, but congrats on the first step there.

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With a some caveats, I would like to announce the first sucessful test
interoperability between my PyBXXP package and the Java Spacekit.

Now, it was just with the NULL/echo profile, but I did consider it a
success, since the java spacekit running as a server did echo back the
content sent as a request on a newly formed channel with the NULL/echo

1) Had to turn off frame seqno checking because either I or the java
spacekit don't implement it right

2) Ignored SEQ frames (no flow control)

3) No SASL or TLS

I'm giddy.


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