[BXXPwg] A lack of agenda items for San Diego

Keith McCloghrie kzm@cisco.com
Sun, 26 Nov 2000 23:28:33 -0800 (PST)


Several weeks ago, I requested a session for the BEEP WG at the upcoming
IETF meeting.  However, now that it's time to generate the agenda, there
doesn't appear to be anything to discuss.  There are currently four I-Ds
of relevance to BEEP:


We have already forwarded the first two to the IESG with a recommendation
that they are ready to become Proposed Standards.  The third is Marshall
and Carl's draft that they are free to publish as an Informational RFC
as and when they believe it is ready.  The fourth is still pending, but
Marshall tells me that he's waiting for a response from the SCTP folks
before it can move forward.

Thus, none of these are candidates for the agenda in San Diego, and so,
unless I've missed something, there's nothing to discuss in San Diego.

Comments ?