[BXXPwg] "Dot Biz" registry powered by BEEP & Beepcore-C

Kristopher Magnusson kris@invisible.net
Thu, 2 Aug 2001 21:45:18 -0700

I wanted to let the mailing list members know that NeuStar, the "Dot Biz"
registry operator, selected Invisible Worlds and BEEP to power the
distributed application for registering "Dot Biz" domain names. This
represents the first large-scale deployment of BEEP and Beepcore on the
Internet. The press release is at http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/010801/0002.html.

I'm sure everyone can guess that it was always our preference that
Beepcore-C was published as open source software. To their credit, NeuStar
also was quite adamant that the work that they helped subsidize be released
to developers at Beepcore.org. Thanks, NeuStar!

Dr. Rose and the Invisible Worlds team have worked very hard for a number of
months on this project, and it's nice to see the word getting out that BEEP
is ideal for industrial-grade Internet applications.

Have fun with Beepcore! Thanks for your continued support of BEEP!

.......... kris

Kris Magnusson <kris@invisible.net>
Invisible Worlds, Inc., http://invisible.net/
Site Manager, http://beepcore.org


NeuStar Selects Invisible Worlds New Internet Infrastructure
BEEP Technology Enables Fast, Reliable Registry Services

SANTA ROSA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 1, 2001--Today Invisible Worlds
announced its selection by NeuStar, Inc., to develop industrial-strength
Internet infrastructure for the deployment of next generation registry
services. This infrastructure, Beepcore-C, based on the Internet-standard
BEEP framework, will enable NeuStar's eXtensible Registry Protocol (XRP) to
process high volumes of data with the highest degree of interoperability,
reliability, flexibility and security.

``Designed to address the major growth challenges of NeuStar's highly unique
registry services, BEEP is the quantum enabler for industrial-strength
Internet applications beyond the Web,'' said Dr. Marshall T. Rose, general
manager and CTO of Invisible Worlds, and chief designer of BEEP technology.
``BEEP helps designers of new applications and services avoid the
limitations of yesterday's Internet technology.''

NeuStar, based in Washington, D.C., serves the entire communications
industry as a key partner in its trusted, neutral, third-party role for the
North American Numbering Plan Administrator and the Number Portability
Administration Center of Local Number Portability. Combining its premier
service to the communications industry and its neutral position, NeuStar
also manages the CARE Clearinghouse, a Web-enabled mediation, validation and
reporting service and the new Dot Biz registry, the first truly global
business-centric space on the Internet.

``NeuStar selected BEEP as the foundation for XRP because BEEP's advanced
features, high performance, scalability and reliability enable us to process
enormous volumes of data, gain operational efficiencies and improve service
levels,'' said Tom McGarry, Chief of Strategic Technical Initiatives.
``Invisible Worlds was selected to develop Beepcore-C because of the
company's strong track record as a champion of BEEP and its expansion
capabilities for future technology initiatives at NeuStar.''

BEEP, now an Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standard, enhances new
Internet applications with advanced communications capabilities, improving
performance and efficiency. Invisible Worlds plans to release open source
code for Beepcore-C at http://beepcore.org/. For more information about BEEP
and other protocols based on its framework, visit http://www.invisible.net.