[BXXPwg] User Specific profile advertisement?

Bob Wyman Bob Wyman" <bobwyman@earthlink.net
Tue, 2 Jan 2001 13:25:50 -0800

I would like to be able to advertise different lists of available profiles
based on the identity of the users who connect to my server. How do I do

In BXXP, the greeting element allows each peer to advertise the profiles it
supports by sending a greeting message. Thus, a peer can advertise supported
profiles either on initial connection or when the greeting is sent after
transport security is negotiated. This means that one set of profiles might
be advertised to peers that connect with no transport security while a
second, identical or different, set of profiles can be advertised once
transport security has been negotiated. This is goodness. For some obscure
reason, I may only want to send my profile advertisements over secure lines
or only to those who have established their ability to use some particular
kind of transport security.

It would also be desirable to allow the advertising of profiles to be
dependent on authentication. However, the User Authentication negotiation,
unlike that for Transport Security, does not appear to provide for a new
greeting message once complete. This is unfortunate since there are a number
of situations in which I would only want profiles to be advertised to
specific individuals or members of groups. Am I misreading the spec (I'm new
to BXXP.)? Or, is there a mechanism available to allow user specific profile
advertisement? If not, should one be added? (i.e. perhaps require or permit
a new greeting message after User Authentication?)

        bob wyman