[BXXPwg] updated I-Ds

Marshall T. Rose mrose+mtr.netnews@dbc.mtview.ca.us
Thu, 4 Jan 2001 21:07:29 -0800

another set of comments from the IESG came in, and new I-Ds have been sent
to the repository. the next two messages contain the .html versions for
people who want to see them now.

here are the macro diffs:

framework document:

1. is now called the "core" document, because "framework" means
"informational taxonomy document" to the iesg. (throughout)

2. the serial nature of tuning channels was clarified. (page 5)

3. a possible race condition when closing a channel was removed by
specifying more detail for the steps taken by each peer. (last three
paragraphs of page 20, and page 21)

tcpmapping document:

1. title change ("... the beep core ...")

2. more explicit references to abstract TCP calls (e.g., "OPEN call" becomes
"TCP OPEN call" throughout)

3. explicit detail for when the TCP CLOSE is issued when releasing a session
(page 4)

4. reference made to RFC 1982 on serial number arithmetic (page 6)

5. segmentation hint changed to 2/3rds of TCP's negotiated maximum segment
size (page 9)

6. consolidating SEQ frames is no longer parenthetical (page 9)

7. value-add of congestion information APIs is spelled-out (page 9).

8. security considerations section added pointing to core document.