[BXXPwg] Multichannel Protocol Design

Ward Harold wharold@tivoli.com
Mon, 15 Jan 2001 17:39:23 -0600

"Marshall T. Rose" wrote:

> hi. from your description, it sounds like you're organizing your application
> around 1+N channels, where the first channel is orchestrating the behavior
> of the other N channels. if this is not the case, ignore the rest of the
> message and explain what you're trying to do.

A 1+N organization is exactly what I'm thinking about. I am envisioning the peer
in the Initiator role creating the "command" channel and the Listening peer
creating n, where n <= N, "data" channels depending on the command issued, the
object(s) requested, etc. I hadn't thought of using a profile to coordinate the
behavior of the channels.

... WkH