[BXXPwg] Definition of SEQ fields in TCP mapping document

Steven E. Harris steven.harris@tenzing.com
15 Jan 2001 16:19:28 -0800

"Marshall T. Rose" <mrose+mtr.netnews@dbc.mtview.ca.us> writes:

> yes. it's called "ackno" because it's acknowledging something that's
> received.


> what this means is that you're free to send SEQs asynchronously, but
> when you send them, ackno must accurately reflect what you've
> received.

Okay. But it seems impossible for an outgoing SEQ's ackno to
correspond to *exactly* the number of bytes that have been received,
as the incoming and outgoing activity can be happening
concurrently. Is it sufficient to say that the ackno must be *less
than or equal* to the number of bytes received when the SEQ message is

> you can just as easily get the effect you seek by playing with the
> size (parameter 3) instead of the ackno (parameter 2).

Okay, I see your point there.

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