[BXXPwg] A couple of questions

Manros, Carl-Uno B cmanros@cp10.es.xerox.com
Tue, 16 Jan 2001 13:56:13 -0800


I followed some the initial work on BEEP, but later got busy with too many
other things.

I am now trying to catch up and have just eyed through the latest drafts
dated January 4 and as result I have a few comments and questions:

1) The documents start looking pretty good and I assume that you are soon
getting ready to submit them to the IESG. Is this a correct understanding of
where you are?

2) In was told earlier on that actual code was being written in parallel to
the specs. Is any of that code available as open source or are there any
plans to make that happen?

3) I can't find anything mentioned about a default port or URL scheme to go
with BEEP. Is that by design and would port numbers and URL schemes be
defined by the applications that sit on top of BEEP?

Thankful for any clarifications on these questions,


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