[BXXPwg] A BEEP poem

Gabe Wachob gwachob@wachob.com
Wed, 11 Jul 2001 12:49:13 -0700 (PDT)

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This poem is GPL'd

Its author is Jay Kint, Invisible Worlder.



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Start of #beepnik buffer: Wed Jul 11 13:33:20 2001
*** Now talking in #beepnik.
*** Topic of #beepnik: BEEP and APEX - http://www.beepcore.org
*** Set by ChanServ 180 minutes ago
*** Users on #beepnik: Icosahedron huston @GabeW=20
*** End of /NAMES list.
*** Mode for channel #beepnik is "+tn"
*** Channel #beepnik was created at Wed Jul 11 10:13:40 2001

*** Join to #beepnik completed in 0 seconds.

<GabeW> wow, 3 people!
<Icosahedron> Yes, this is incredible.

<huston> cruising now...
<Icosahedron> Many faceted one might say :)

<Icosahedron> How come this channel doesn't show up on the list/

<Icosahedron> ?

<GabeW> not enough people in this channel - kinda sux as a chicken/egg =
<Icosahedron> Feh.  That figures.

<GabeW> we get bondolo from the jxta group here a lot - he's a core =
<huston> That should be interesting.
<Icosahedron> of JXTA?

<Icosahedron> What is JXTA?

<Icosahedron> I was on IRC, not know which channel to pick

<GabeW> I also have #jxtabeep ---
<Icosahedron> When I heard about the unpopular beepnik

<GabeW> http://www.jxta.org
* GabeW thinks Icosahedron has had his/her head under a rock ;)
<Icosahedron> So I thought I would wander on over

<GabeW> oh, so you have no idea what BEEP is?
<Icosahedron> To see if there was any clover.

<Icosahedron> Instead I see people taking the fall

<Icosahedron> For a wondeful new protocol.

<Icosahedron> There were no wolves with these sheep.

<Icosahedron> They were hip cats talkin' 'bout BEEP.

<GabeW> Whoa, Icosahedron is a poet, and he knows it
<Icosahedron> Well this IRC is pretty slick.

<Icosahedron> And I'm a beepnik!

<GabeW> well, this IRC is about what, 15 years old technology
<Icosahedron> So just writing code trying to determine the parameter.

<Icosahedron> When I thought I'd drop some iambic pentameter!

<GabeW> rock on, Icosahedron
* GabeW nominates Icosahedron as #beepnik court poet
<Icosahedron> So in I bounce to this meeting.

<Icosahedron> When I get sent a <greeting />

* GabeW groans
<Icosahedron> I'm thinkin I'll put my wait a while.

<Icosahedron> When it starts askin for my profile

<Icosahedron> Then I see it uses 822, the RFC,

<Icosahedron> and I'm thinkin that's the format for me!

<Icosahedron> Cause everyone knows to save some time.

<Icosahedron> You must format the message according to MIME

<Icosahedron> But the body, that would be difficult to tell.

<Icosahedron> So I think I'll use XML!

<Icosahedron> But securing a session can be such a mess,

<Icosahedron> unless you use the ubiquitous TLS!

<Icosahedron> But authentication, what a hassle.

<Icosahedron> So I fired up a profile called SASL!

<Icosahedron> But these are things I'll those

<Icosahedron> <scratch that>

<Icosahedron> But these issues are dealt with by those

<Icosahedron> With credentials such as Marshall Rose!

<Icosahedron> Well, I'm feeling a bit pink

<Icosahedron> So I'll quit this poem and get rid of the stink.

<GabeW> Icosahedron - can you put that into an email and send it to me?
<Icosahedron> This poem is under GPL, so it's free!

<GabeW> yeah, but my stupid irc client doesn't let me easily cut/paste
<Icosahedron> That client is such a waste!

* GabeW slaps Icosahedron=20
<GabeW> can you send it to me?
<GabeW> I want to send it to the bxxpwg list.
<GabeW> Unless you can snd it directly
<Icosahedron> Do you have checksums so it'll send correctly?

<GabeW> who are you Icosahedron?=20
<Icosahedron> Well, as my coworkers call me a moron.

<GabeW> ah, you are not a I-W employee, by any chance?
<Icosahedron> Well, I would deny it, but then I'd have fiery pants.

End of #beepnik buffer: Wed Jul 11 13:33:20 2001