Ward Harold wharold@tivoli.com
Fri, 15 Jun 2001 15:22:37 -0500

Bob Wyman wrote:

> Bill Mills wrote:
> > Perhaps the scheme should encode the the transport mode
> > as well so that:
> >
> >       beep:                   beep over tcp
> >       beeps:          beep over ssl
> >       beepsc:         beep over sctp
>   Please don't do this. The transport protocols are correctly defined
> distinctly from the application protocols and should be dealt with
> distinctly. If they are bound together, then every introduction of a new
> transport, tunnelling spec, etc. forces updates to a potentially large
> number of specifications, implementations, etc. The mere fact that http
> and https exist may be precedent, however, it doesn't establish the
> binding of application and transport protocols as best practice.

Not to mention the fact that ssl is only one of a number of security layers
that a beep profile might use. Yes, please don't do this.

... WkH