[BXXPwg] Updated strawman for BEEP protocol URIs

Dan Kohn dan@dankohn.com
Mon, 18 Jun 2001 21:54:02 -0700

The initiator needs the URL, but the unique scheme names per profile are
required if the listener is offering multiple profiles on the same port.

A BEEP initiator is told by a URL to begin a session.  The listener
supports two profiles on the same port, IMXP and raw syslog.  A
hypothetical "beep" URL would not be able to specify which profile
should be selected.  But, an imxp or syslog.raw URL scheme name is by
definition bound to a single BEEP profile, so there is no confusion over
which profile to select.

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On Mon, 18 Jun 2001, Dan Kohn wrote:

> The counterexample for Gabe is a beep listener that, for whatever
> reason, supports profiles for two or more services on the same port.
> Which is why I'd like to suggest the following (updated) proposal:

Wait, why would a listener need a URL format? Only initiators are going
need this URL containing a profile.. Only an initiator is going to have
make a decision about *why* they are entering into a BEEP connection ..

In other words, in BEEP, a "location" is not visible within the protocol
if you talk to a BEEP endpoint (listener), that listener basically only
cares really that you connected, and the negotiation for what profile to
"execute" is part of the greeting and channel creation - no URL