[BXXPwg] new penultimate version available

Dan Kohn dan@dankohn.com
Fri, 22 Jun 2001 09:25:49 -0700

This looks great to me.  My only concern is whether you want to support
an optional transport token to support session initiation with TLS.
Yes, it can always be negotiated, but there may be initiators and
listeners that both support TLS but don't use it unless prompted (by the
URL) to do so.  This is analogous to the use of https vs. http URLs, but
without needing to explode the URL space with a different scheme for
every potential transport option.  Note that the use of [ ":" transport
] is also upward compatible as BEEP is defined over new transport

Here again, was my last proposal:

Any protocol built over beep is welcome to define it's own URL scheme.
This registration must include what profile is supported and the default
port number and transport layer.  Since URL schemes will map one-to-one
to BEEP profiles, the profile should not be separately specified in the
URL.  Thus, for a "web over beep" service, the following scheme would be
registered using RFC 2396 notation:

web_URL = "web:" "//" host [ ":" transport ] [ ":" port ] [ abs_path [
"?" query ]]

transport = "tcp" / "sctp" / "udp" / "tls"

And where lack of specified transport defaults to TCP (for this scheme
name, although not necessarily for others).  The listener and/or
initiator can still cause the transport to be negotiated (e.g., from tcp
to tls), but the transport in the URI specifies what to start with.

web is used instead of web.beep because web is not previously defined
over other session layers.  Similarly, imxp, syslog.raw, and
syslog.cooked are all good URL scheme names, where if soap is registered
as a scheme name using HTTP transport semantics, then SOAP over BEEP
should use "soap.beep".

A default beep URL scheme should not be registered, since invocation of
a beep URL would have no default semantics and no default application to

		- dan
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HTML version at http://beepcore.org/beepcore/beep-soap.jsp

this one has a typo, which is corrected in the next release.

whenever you see "?resource=stockQuote", ignore it.

new in this version:

    - soap packages
    - feature extensibility
    - new approach to profile initialization
    - a URL for soap over beep