[BXXPwg] new penultimate version available

Bob Wyman bobwyman@firstrain.com
Fri, 22 Jun 2001 13:11:10 -0400

Dan Kohn wrote:
> web is used instead of web.beep because web is not 
> previously defined over other session layers.
	I would strongly suggest that if it is anticipated that "web"
will one day be defined over other session layers, that we start with
"web.beep" today in order to reduce the complexity for folk in the
future. When writing standards, it would be good if things to appear to
be as consistent as possible. If we start off with "web" today and then
end up having to use historical -- not technical -- arguments to explain
why "web" is different from "web.foo" and "web.bar," we 're just making
life more difficult than necessary for the next few decades of
implementers and users. 
	It may be that "web" on its own could be considered to default
to the semantics of "web.beep." However, if it is anticipated that
"web.foo" will appear in the future, then we should define and register
"web.beep" today.

		bob wyman