[BXXPwg] BEEP Binding for JXTA

Krishna Sankar ksankar@gte.net
Sat, 23 Jun 2001 12:48:02 -0700

Hi all,

	Jeffrey Altman from jxta referred me to this list. I would like to see if
we can quickly form a virtual group to develop a JXTA BEEP binding. I am
sure you all have a lot of ideas how this can be achieved and so we should
be able to get to a strawperson version pretty quickly.

cheers and have a nice weekend

	Jeffrey, would this be under the platform group's umbrella ? I am not sure
where this would fit in as a few new groups are being formed.

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> Hi all,
> 	I also support the use of a protocol above TCP and BEEP is an excellent
> solution. We should be concentrating on the jxta layer providing better
> better P2P abstractions. IMHO, we leave it to others to solve the
> problems and leverage their work. For now, BEEP looks like the best fit.
> Actually I am working on a *very* preliminary prototype binding BEEP.
> 	my 2c
> cheers

This is great.  You may very well want to communicate with the BEEP
working group.  There were some members who expressed interest in
working on a JXTA BEEP binding.  The BEEP mailing list is


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