[BEEPwg] Trouble with TLS and transport mappings

Marshall T. Rose mrose+mtr.netnews@dbc.mtview.ca.us
Mon, 19 Nov 2001 15:24:40 -0800

> The only solution I have come up with is to declare at the transport
> level that channels implementing a tuning profile disregard the window
> mechanism; the sending peer may send data at any time and the
> recipient must be prepared to accept it.  I don't find this solution
> particularly pleasing.

doesn't this fall under the category that people doing stupid things deserve
what they get?

> Does anyone have a better counter-proposal?

it seems to me that it's worthwhile to note in the discussion on processing
the "<ready>" element, that the window isn't going to get updated and that
when a reply is generated it must fit within the window advertised...