[BEEPwg] Query related with message ordering on a channel.

Huston huston@franklin.ro
Fri, 30 Nov 2001 10:08:09 -0700

> (And yes, this means BEEP isn't necessarily a good fit for a protocol
> where all requests are independent of each other and where it's
> important not to let one slow request hold up feedback on any other
> request.  For such a protocol, you'd have to manage a pool of channels
> and create a new one each time you have a request to send and no free
> channel in the pool; that's a lot of bookkeeping.)

Greg is right but it can be made to work without too much pain.
beepcore-java has a facility (ChannelPool and SharedChannel) to do channel
pooling for you, they were designed for just such a purpose. If you are not
using beepcore-java it can at least serve as an example.