[BEEPwg] Trouble with TLS and transport mappings

Darren New dnew@san.rr.com
Fri, 30 Nov 2001 11:08:16 -0800

> If backwards-compatibility is not a concern, my vote is to make it
> consistent with all other messages including the default "Content-Type".
> This way beep libraries don't have to do anything special with the
> piggyback'd data and to profiles the piggyback'd data will look just the
> same as if it had been sent in the first MSG.

If backwards compatibility (with profile specifications) is a concern,
one could add an encoding value that means it's MIME-encoded all the
way. I.e., <... encoding="mime"> could indicate that the piggyback data
has content-type and perhaps content-transfer-encoding headers.

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