[BEEPwg] Trouble with TLS and transport mappings

Jered Floyd jered@permabit.com
30 Nov 2001 15:22:28 -0500

One more thought on this before I let it rest;

Embedding a BEEP message proper within the content of a 'profile'
element presents some concerns that can be worked around, but are
layering violations. For example, if the outer message body has
(for some reason) a content-transfer encoding of 7bit, but 8bit 
data is present in the initialization message, one or the other
needs to know to use a transformative encoding instead.

OK, that was obscure; how about: if ']]>' appears in the
initialization message, a transformative encoding must be used (so
that it may be embedded in an XML CDATA.) This imposes additional
restrictions upon a MIME composer used to form initialization

Something I would find a better (cleaner) solution:

'start' messages may be of MIME type multipart/mixed, where the first
part is the application/beep+xml message part, and all subsequent
parts are initialization messages for the identified profiles in 
the 'start' message.

This allows the MIME body to be delivered as an initialization message
to be precisely a BEEP message body.