[BEEPwg] BCP under consideration

Bob Wyman bobwyman@firstrain.com
Mon, 10 Sep 2001 14:45:38 -0400

Given a transient identifer of the form
"http://iana.org/beep/transient/XXXX/YYYY," where
    "http://iana.org/beep/transient" is defined by the
    "/xxxx" is defined by by the IETF Secretariat and 
    "/yyyy" is defined by the working group chair, 
it would seem reasonable to permit sub-groups of sub-efforts within the
working group to elaborate the identifier further to the right. Thus one
might indicate alternative variants or versions by adding another level
of hierarchy. 
	The following would then be permitted:

	Since the specification in the internet draft says that "yyyy"
is merely a unique string, it would appear that the variants above would
all be permitted. However, I think it would make sense to explicitly
state that elaboration to the right can be arbitrarily long and would
indicate variants of the "yyyy" part.

		bob wyman