[BEEPwg] 4K Limit to Profile element length

Huston huston@franklin.ro
Wed, 14 Aug 2002 09:48:16 -0600

I took it to mean 4k after encoding because that coincides with the default
window size.


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Subject: [BEEPwg] 4K Limit to Profile element length

> Forgive me for a very simple question:
> RFC3080 says at " The Start Message" that: "the content of the
> "profile" element, if present, must be no longer than 4K octets in
> length".
> The question is: If the content of the profile element is
> encoded (Base64), then does the length restriction apply to the encoded
> form of the content or to the result after decoding? i.e. if encoding
> causes the size of the data to grow, does that matter?
> bob wyman
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