[BEEPwg] 4K Limit to Profile element length

Jered Floyd jered@permabit.com
14 Aug 2002 13:33:23 -0400

"Bob Wyman" <bobwyman@firstrain.com> writes:

> Forgive me for a very simple question:
> RFC3080 says at " The Start Message" that: "the content of the
> "profile" element, if present, must be no longer than 4K octets in
> length".
> 	The question is: If the content of the profile element is
> encoded (Base64), then does the length restriction apply to the encoded
> form of the content or to the result after decoding? i.e. if encoding
> causes the size of the data to grow, does that matter?

I believe this to refer to the result after encoding.  When this is 
the case, the initialization message is always small enough to fit
into the newly-created channel's window buffer (if, for some reason,
an implementation chooses to put it there.)