[BEEPwg] ANNOUNCE: roadrunner-0.9

Jonas Borgström jonas@codefactory.se
20 Aug 2002 13:59:04 +0200

-- RoadRunner 0.9 (An Egg) -------------------------------------------------

20 Aug, 2002

CodeFactory proudly announces the availability of a new release of
RoadRunner, an open source  BEEP framework implemented in C.

RoadRunner is an application toolkit library implementing BEEP (Blocks
Extensible Exchange Protocol). Apart from implementing a powerful and
flexible BEEP framework, RoadRunner also contains a useful set of profiles,
readily available and usable with applications.

RoadRunner provides a portable and powerful high-performance framework for
developing network applications making use of the BEEP protocol.

Changes since version 0.8

 * Simplified API. For more info see the API_CHANGES file.
 * Stability improvements.
 * New functions.
 * Improved portability.
 * Support for AIX added.

Supported Platforms
RoadRunner is primarily developed and regularly tested on GNU/Linux, 
NetBSD and OpenBSD, but has been compiled and tested on:

 * GNU/Linux
 * NetBSD
 * OpenBSD
 * FreeBSD
 * Solaris
 * MS Windows
 * AIX

RoadRunner is written in portable C code, and should work without modification
on all platforms supported by GLib 2 (GNU Utility library).

Language Bindings
The portable design of RoadRunner and the fact that it is written in C enables
simple creation of bindings for various languages.
Experimental python bindings already exists (in the pyrr cvs module) and other 
bindings such as C++, Java, perl and scheme are planned.

Strengths and Features
 * Portable
 * Object oriented design
 * High performance
 * Multi-threaded
 * Open Source

Implemented BEEP Profiles
RR/TLS -- Transport layer security
RR/SASL -- Simple Authentication and Security Layer
RR/Syslog -- Reliable delivery for syslog
RR/IDXP -- Intrusion detection exchange protocol

System Requirements
RoadRunner requires the following libraries to compile:

 * Glib 2.0.1 or higher    (http://www.gtk.org/)
 * libxml 2.4.16 or higher (http://www.libxml.org/)

The RoadRunner profiles require some extra libraries:

 * OpenSSL        (Used by RR/TLS.  http://www.openssl.org/)
 * Cyrus libsasl2 (Used by RR/SASL. http://asg.web.cmu.edu/sasl/)

What is BEEP
BEEP (the Block Extensible Exchange Protocol, rfc3080,3081) is a protocol 
framework for connection oriented asynchronous message exchange. All message 
exchange occur in the context of a channel. A profile defines the syntax 
and semantics of the message exchange. 

Licensing and Support
RoadRunner is distributed under an open source license similar to that of
Berkeley DB,  permitting unrestricted use of the software at no charge for
development of open source applications. This requires the complete source
code for your application being available and freely distributable. 

The terms and details of the license are available at:

If you do not wish to freely distribute the source code for your application,
or desire commercial support, please visit the CodeFactory website at
http://www.codefactory.se/ or email info@codefactory.se.

Mailing Lists
There are currently two public mailing lists supporting RoadRunner, one
for general discussion and one for tracking CVS commits.

More information and subscription is available at: 


More information about BEEP and RoadRunner
Documentation, source code, sample code, bug repository and more can be found
at the RoadRunner project site: 


About CodeFactory
CodeFactory provides development and consulting services enabling
organizations to develop, use and learn about open source software and
UNIX-like operating systems.

CodeFactory is based in Umeå, Sweden. For more information please contact
Daniel Lundin at +46 90 718 614 or visit http://www.codefactory.se/

Finally, acknowledgements to Marshall Rose and the rest of the BEEP community
for bringing the BEEP protocol to the world.

We hope the software will be useful,

The RoadRunner team.

Jonas Borgström                  jonas@codefactory.se
CodeFactory AB                   http://www.codefactory.se/
Office: +46 (0)90 71 86 10       Cell: +46 (0)70 248 89 58