[BEEPwg] Re: Callback Profile

Eamon O'Tuathail eamon.otuathail@clipcode.com
Fri, 23 Aug 2002 14:35:28 +0100

Gabe Wachob wrote:
> I'm told that people routinely drop servers on XP Pro and have > 100
>  simultaneous incoming TCP connections. If this is true (and I do 
> believe it is), this support bulletin is extremely poorly written.

> Are you seeing this limit behavior in practice?

No, not in practice, but only in theory!

The official license text is in the EULA.TXT file under
c:\windows\system32\, and the relevant portion is:

      "... You may permit a maximum
      of ten (10) computers or other electronic devices (each
      a "Device") to connect to the Workstation Computer to
      utilize the services of the Product solely for File and
      Print services, Internet Information Services, and remote
      access (including connection sharing and telephony
      services).  The ten connection maximum includes any
      indirect connections made through "multiplexing" or other
      software or hardware which pools or aggregates

It is not clear to me exactly what they mean by that. 

Paul Andrews writes:

> My reading of the Microsoft note is that this only applies to 
> Microsoft network services ... remote disk mounts, printer shares"

Since one would assume MS would hard-code whatever licensing limits they
have into the software, I suppose I concur with Paul's view, and so we
can put the callback profile idea on the backburner. If sometime in the
future MS change the licensing, we can revive the callback idea, so
whatever changes they make will be irrelevant. 

NATs and BEEP is another day's work.