[BEEPwg] BEEP question

yuexiang yue.xiang.yang@gridnode.com
Mon, 18 Feb 2002 18:17:26 +0800


This question confused me for some time already.

In the following, I try to describe my question:

   A host ---->firewall ---- >internet --> B host <--------internet 
------firewall<------C host

A direct TCP connection could be established between A host and B host, 
based on this TCP
connection, BEEP protocol can be implemented and employed between A host 
and B host.

But, is it possible that BEEP protocol connects A host and C host? I 
meam one of them( A host
and C host) acting as the INITIATING ROLE and the other acting as the 

For example, If I employ JMS to establish a direct virtual connection 
between A host and C host
to support BEEP protocol messages between them.

Probably my question is stupid because it is meaningnessless.

Any comment?

Thanks a lot